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Dreamers // Doers’ goal is to completely transform your life.
Below is plethora of opportunities that you can explore to take your journey to the next level. Remember that Dreamers // Doers is all about what you put in (& give back❤️).

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Pro tips on how to offer yourself to the community (aka supercharge your own & others’ journeys).

Notes on offering yourself.

We can't encourage "offering yourself" more highly - it's an incredible way to connect with fellow members and to exchange knowledge on topics that excite you! But it's also important to give your way, in a way that fuels you & to set boundaries as you do so. To get more ideas on how to offer yourself, check out this post

Taking someone up on their offer.

It's extremely important to value the time of fellow members, esp when you are taking them up on an offer (i.e. try your very best to avoid re-scheduling etc. & if needed be very proactive about it). We also can't emphasize enough the magic✨ that ensues when expressing gratitude & appreciation to a fellow dreamy human - we promise it won't go unnoticed, and is instrumental in making Dreamers // Doers the very special & impactful place it is. 


Opportunities to expand your reach, build your brand, and share your knowledge with the world.

Become a contributor:

Get featured on tv/via video:

  • Cheddar TV - working on an product or service that transforms lives? Pitch your story today! #directaccess

  • Get Sh!t Done - share practical tips about how you’ve grown your business on this video series

  • brightTALK Webinar - host a webinar on this leadership platform about solving work-related challenges

  • AlphaOmega - share your wisdom about life's most pressing questions candidly on camera 

  • Women Who Badass - share your female empowerment success story via video on this platform

  • Virtual Speaker - be a guest speaker for this virtual women’s leadership networking group

Get featured via an interview:

  • Ideamensch - high SEO ranking interview + craft your own answers & have full control over content

  • Select 7 - share your work as a tastemaker & get SEVEN posts all about *you* 

  • Alleywatch - share how you are changing industry standards as a woman in tech

  • The Upside - share your content with this agency platform, focused on supporting/growing independent consulting

  • Just Go Grind Blog - share your entrepreneur/business journey on this career blog

  • Upsell - share a compelling story about your e-commerce biz & get featured in this publication

  • 4,800+ Tech Journalists - utilize this direct contact list of tech journalists to get press for your business

Get featured on a podcast:

  • 808 Podcast - a bite-sized podcast feature for biz owners with actionable advice & tips

  • DNX - a global organization supporting digital nomads and people living unconventional, impact-driven lives

  • Mind of a Mentor - Like a Boss Girls’ podcast which features trailblazing women & their incredible stories

  • Just Go Grind - a podcast that helps entrepreneurs build businesses via tactics, strategies & insights

  • Loose Thread - one of Fast Company's 10 Best Business Podcasts, on the new consumer economy

  • Her Money Matters - a podcast about gaining clarity to get your money under control

  • Martinis and Your Money - a personal finance podcast that seeks to make personal finance fun

  • Seeing Pink - a podcast about using the feminine (intuition, community, feminine qualities) in business

  • Startup Tuesday - a laid-back, fun podcast packed with stories, advice and info for founders

  • Supergivers - a platform for ordinary people creating extraordinary contributions that inspire hope and action

  • The GeekGirlWeb Show - a tech podcast about empowerment through entrepreneurship, creativity & passion

  • The Only - a storytelling podcast sharing the triumphs & struggles of trailblazing women 

  • Selfmade Stories - a podcast devoted to the art and science of building a thriving e-commerce business

  • Podcast Guests - sign up for this weekly email & get a list of podcasts looking for guests

  • FinTech Podcast - share about your FinTech expertise & experience on this podcast

  • Side Hustle School - a daily show hosted by a NY Times bestselling author abt side hustle success stories

  • The Unruly Entrepreneur - a podcast for women who are ready to get more done, with less stress

  • Bonus: Learn how to fuel your business through podcasting - w Ali Shapiro of Truce with Food

Get featured in-person:

  • Northeastern University - speak at Northeastern University about your expertise as a female founder/innovator

  • Speakizi - lead a #paid corporate talk or workshop on a diverse range of topics via this invite-only platform

  • Techfest Club - speak on a variety of topics from career development to entrepreneurship

  • TEDx - stay in the loop w this ongoing list of TEDx opportunities in various cities

  • Six Degrees Society - speak on topics you are an expert at + that have a strong learning component

  • FirstMark Capital's NYC event series - speak at this high-profile event series about design and/or data

  • Gilda's Club NYC - get paid to host a workshop/lecture at Gilda's Club NYC to share your talent/knowledge

  • “Women of Compass” Event - speak on topics that matter to women & get exposure for your biz

Get featured via social media & beyond:

Supercharge your speaking skills:

Distribution of your content via D//D:


Finding investors:

Specific investors:

  • HearstLab Community - provides startups with seed investment, office space + an abundance of resources

  • HOF Capital Fund - receive 1x1 input from this investor about your health / fin tech company & beyond

  • Gratitude Railroad - get funding from this impact investor/conscious capital proponent for your female-led business

  • Gray Matters Capital - apply for up to $100k from this impact investing firm to pilot your business

  • JMK Consumer Growth Partners - receive funding for your women-led business from this investment company

  • Toms Social Entrepreneurship Fund - receive an equity investment for your mission-driven company

  • Harlem Capital Partners -  receive funding for your female & minority founded company

  • Indie.VC - check out this new funding platform for your revenue-generating company

  • Jane VC - receive funding for your early-stage female-founded companies from this new venture fund

Additional sources of funding:

Fundraising process:



Event spaces:

  • Event Space in Brooklyn - host events on either Monday or Wednesday nights (FOR FREE) at the Shanty bar

  • Event Space in NYC - utilize this free conference room for your next event up to 100 attendees

  • Event/Studio Space in NYC - host your non-revenue event weekdays at xixi - a distinctly feminine oasis

  • Iron Birch Advisors in NYC - utilize this free event space & outdoor patio for small meetings and events

  • RYU Apparel - host your next event for free at this new retail space

  • Primary - host your next event for free at one of these two dreamy NYC event locations

  • Spacious - free event spaces via various Spacious NYC locations for a diverse range of event

  • NYC Event Venues Google Doc - a shared list of event spaces with contacts & additional notes

  • NYC Patio - host your next event of up to 12 people on this dreamy human’s patio

Event sponsorship:

Work/meeting space:



Dreamy video recordings - high-quality & actionable advice, tips, and feedback from brilliant experts.

Investing & fundraising:

Branding & marketing:


Visibility & press:

Retail & merchandising:

Personal finance:

Other business-related topics:

Outside the office:


Tech/product advice & resources:

  • Tech Advice - receive insights on software engineering & all things technical

  • Pivotal Labs - grab this 1-hour #complimentary product feedback session on your app/product/website (+lunch)

  • Startup & Tech Advice - get your product demo reviewed and/or learn how to break into the tech world

Business operations:

Mentorship / Education:

General entrepreneur tools:

  • Startup Tools - a comprehensive list filled w tools & resources for startups and tech

  • Indie Hackers - learn strategies from other business founders w this aggregated resource

  • Free Business Marketing Tools - learn how to market your new business on a $0 budget

  • CEO Report - utilize this personal CEO Report to track your metrics, progress & accomplishments

  • Dreamy Resource List - take a deep dive into this curated list of podcasts, articles, books & MORE

Getting a job / hiring:

Branding, design & more:

Consulting / coaching:

Social media:

Tactical advice:

Offline game-changers:


Check out some of Dreamers // Doers other member offerings:


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