Our mission is to increase the number of successful ventures launched by women and to nurture the next generation of female thought leaders.



We believe in the power of community.

"On our own, we easily find reasons to procrastinate, to have self-doubt… community plays a huge role in fostering accountability, refinement and feedback." 

Scott Belsky
Founder of Behance



"It's so important for entrepreneurial women to band together and create a support network. Dreamers // Doers is at the absolute core of this."

- Billie Whitehouse
Designer and Director of Wearable Experiments
Compared to Elon Musk by Business Insider

"I treasure the connection to and inspiration from other like-minded and hearted women. Community is so important, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, because it's so easy to get stuck in your own silo. I’m convinced that being part of this group of women is KEY to success and fulfillment."

- Julie Weber
Co-Founder of Samana Health Retreats

Julie Weber.jpg

We believe in high impact.

Trailblazing Women

Female change-makers and creators: From entrepreneurs, programmers, to writers - they dream big and do even bigger.


+  Uniting 

Via online platform & offline events: Members utilize each other as  resources, co-mentors, cheerleaders and sources of inspiration.


+  Amplifying 

Via speaking, press, and other visibility opportunities: We ensure the product of labor, positive change, is spread as widely as possible.


=  Maximum Positive Impact

  • Bigger, better results

  • Further reach & trickle-down effect

  • Society as a whole benefits


"I’ve gotten PR opportunities, VC Intros, invaluable insights into startups, access to a ton of relevant and important info. It's the first group I've seen where women genuinely want to help and see each other succeed."

- Lori Tiernan
CEO and Founder of WeKrüt


"I love being part of the group, I feel so much more empowered when reading the inspiring posts by inspiring females. I receive constant encouragement from helpful people I have never met...it's a community that wants to see other people flourish and provides so many opportunities to do so!"

- Darya Niknamian
Marketing & Communications Consultant

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