We've learned that surrounding ourselves with other movers and shakers, utilizing each other as a resource, and inspiring and cheerleading for each other makes all the difference when we reach for the stars.


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==> How #ongoingoffers + #ongoingamas work <==

Get feedback on your efforts on market analysis, your business plan, pitch deck, and more #ongoingoffer

Have a social enterprise? Get feedback on your deck & investor outreach activities #ongoingoffer

Get your pitch deck passed on to investors #ongoingoffer


Become a VC or start work in a Private Equity Firm #ongoingoffer

Post or peruse random offers from D//D'ers #ongoingoffer

Have a 30-minute valuation coaching session to discuss your company's growth #ongoingoffer

Have a 30-minute chat with a money coach #ongoingoffer

Brainstorm for 30 minutes about anything from interview help to business ideas with a career coach #ongoingoffer

Get help negotiating your salary #ongoingoffer


Check out this list of Dreamers // Doers media offers #ongoingoffers

Add yourself to First Round Capital's contractor list to work with their network of 200+ startups #ongoingoffers

Connect with a book agent to explore a path to publish #ongoingoffers

Access to Draper University to to be considered to speak/give a talk to their students #ongoingoffers

Exchange reviews for your app with other app developers when you need a boost #ongoingoffers

Get posting privileges/ commenting privileges on Product Hunt #ongoingoffer

Ask Product Hunt expert Kiki Schirr all your burning questions #ongoingama 

Ask PR Star Shannon Klapka about everything press-related #ongoingama

Get your startup story featured in TechinAsia #ongoingoffer

Get featured on capital raising, acquisitions, exits & more #ongoingoffer

Smash your next speaking engagement with a free, 30-minute speech consultation #ongoingoffers

Ask Sara O'Brien of CNN Money all your questions about pitching press #ongoingama

Check out this list of Dreamers // Doers media offers #ongoingoffers

Get a *gorgeous* feature on WeRule. #ongoingoffer

Swap support Quora profiles #ongoingoffer


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The spreadsheet that compiles DD'ers (and friends) services/products #ongoingoffer

Get help with Accounting and Financial Statements for quickbooks or fundraising #ongoingoffer

Take your tweets to the next level by asking D//D experts #ongoingoama

Attorney and accountant recs posted on various D//D'ers in one spreadsheet #ongoingoffer

Free event space + temporary co-working in West Soho #ongoingoffer

30-minute negotiation sessions concerning salary, contracts, & more #ongoingoffer

Ask content pro Amanda Gutterman all your burning questions #ongoingama

Companies focused on Business Intelligence—get funding to build your MVP #ongoingoffer

Find direction for your business plan, revenue model, or marketing #ongoingoffer

Get all you video production questions answered. #ongoingoffer

Get a proofreader for your newsletter, website, or pitch deck #ongoingoffer

Have a free phone consultation on filing trademarks #ongoingoffer

Get insights from an entrepreneur with 6+ years in the startup industry/discover Israel #ongoingoffer

Get help with wordpress, google analytics, and more from a software developer #ongoingoffer

AMA with Megan Hannum, partner at FundedBuy and a former consultant to Comcast Ventures #ongoingama

Get some help with your term sheets from an investment banker #ongoingoffer



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