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Ping us w ANY Qs (we LOVE hearing from you!): membership@dreamersdoers.me


Dreamers // Doers: Offers 


* This the place for you to share genuine, thoughtful offers/resources/opportunities *
Posted with intention to BENEFIT OTHERS 💝 *


✔️ Personal offer = e.g. offering 20mins 1x1 online office hours on a topic you're an expert in
✔️ Offering to provide input/feedback on xyz area, when needed
✔️ Offering to interview members for your podcast/blog/article
✔️ Offering to contribute product/samples to members/events
✔️ Access to resources = e.g. offering access to a space/venue
✔️ Sharing of opportunities = e.g. sharing info an an awesome grant
✔️ Offering exposure = e.g. passing on a press opp
 ✔️ Other examples: Speaking opps, free tix to a conference, direct access to an amazing book agent...

✚ The sky is the limit ✚



✨ Be most thoughtful about your posts in this group = it helps maintain overall D//D integrity ✨


[Anything that might change nature of group + may take away from "true" Offers]

❌ Jobs/gigs/housing: there are dedicated groups for this #yay

❌ Recommendations for hiring friends: fits perfectly in Jobs/Gigs group

❌ %/$ off posts (i.e. discounts etc) for products/services etc: you can list this here #wahoo
WHY: It's hard to draw line/ensure group does not become promotional

❌ Posts that are part Ask, part Offer: should be posted in D//D Asks 
WHY: We aim at keep offers as"pure" as possible & we've found part Asks/part Offers posted in Asks vs. Offers tend to lead to much more engagement.
❌ Posts to webinars / articles you've created: post them as #brags in D//D Life & More
(bonus = that way we get to celebrate with you!)
❌ Event listings (i.e. not related to speaking opps etc.)
WHY: They can easily take over entire feed given how many ppl are involved w events at any given time

You can post "regular" event posts in D//D local groups where you will have further reach + localized audience #BAM #YES
+Exception: speaking opps OR highly curated (free) *member*/invite-only events

OR free(+member-only) codes to high $ events
If something doesn't quite feel "right" for the Offers it most likely is a better fit for one of the other groups!


✚ Ping us w ANY Qs (we LOVE hearing from you!): membership@dreamersdoers.me




Dreamers // Doers: Asks 


Here is where you can help others + post thoughtful questions of your own. 
[Important: Maintain a *high* giving vs. asking ratio...and have FUN with it :)]



✔️ D//D is a giving first community that connects givers, and allows them to do more, together.
✔️ Everyone has different strengths/enjoys giving in different ways we leave it to you to decide how you can have the biggest impact! Be equally comfortable setting boundaries(!) as needed. AKA give YOUR way!
 ✔️Scroll through the “Asks” group regularly, make giving a routine
✔️ Be encouraging and awesome (i.e. your natural self!) - you never know when you’ll make someone’s day / life ♥


==> ASK AWAY <==


No question is taboo BUT(!) the more thoughtful the better + here are some PRO tips.

✔️ We highly recommend contributing to the Life & More + Offers group before posting your first Ask
(We help who we "know, like, and trust")
✔️ Provide as much context/relevant info as possible re: your asks, while being clear.
✔️ Do as much legwork as possible before posting (also determine if this group is best fit for your question)
✔️ Determine if your ask is the best fit for D//D context/it'll be possible/realistic/manageable for others to help you.
✔️ BEST questions for Dreamers // Doers: Seeking advice + crowd-sourcing opinions.
✔️ Be courteous, grateful, awesome, respectful, all that good stuff :)
✔️ To remind others of existing ask: update *existing* ask/comment underneath (vs. re-posting new ask)
✔️ Depending on type of ask, consider including an offer in your Ask
(This together w/ other Pro Tips may increase chances of Asks being answered)


==> Part #Ask/Part #Offer <==

If your post could count as an #ask AND #offer ==> POST IN THE ASKS GROUP
WHY: We try to keep the Offers group as "pure" offers as possible

We've found part Asks/part Offers posted in Asks vs. Offers tend to lead to *way* more engagement.



Dreamers Brunch 9 (1).jpg

Dreamers // Doers: Life & More 



💗 We created this group because we find that especially as it pertains to entrepreneurship, the lines between "professional" and "personal" get blurred. We believe it makes the community stronger by having opportunities to talk about all parts of the journey. 💗



Our journeys are littered with highs and lows.
Dreamers // Doers is the place to celebrate / share both.


==> BEING YOU <==

#INTRODUCTION: We ask every member to introduce themselves = we want to get to know you! 😍

#‎BRAG‬: We don’t nearly celebrate our wins enough, we make a point to celebrate more, together!


#DDIRL: Planning an IRL D//D gathering OR met fellow D//Der IRL?? Share these moments / opportunities here

#PERSONAL #VENT #ISITJUSTME: Anything more touchy feely, personal goes here✨


Talk about when life gets real, so we realize we’re anything but alone...AND we can find solutions, together.
Share inspiration and express gratitude!
===> In short, to be ourselves.


💗 We keep this group’s description *open* on purpose 💗


We have a theory...that if we bring together trailblazing women eager
to support each other, great things (beyond our imagination) will happen.



Share in a way that gets others to know you better, catch real glimpses from your journey.
Cheerlead for each other / express gratitude, be each other's biggest champions, w/o being afraid of providing *thoughtful* constructive feedback.



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