Dreamers // Doers membership works on an invite/referral-only basis. As an existing member you’re able to recommend incredible individuals as potential new members.

 You can refer up to 5 new members with this form. You can submit more than one form.

Find more info on how referrals work & who to refer below.

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Thank you - we’re so honored to be thoughtfully growing this community with the most amazing women in your life.

Criteria for people you are referring


✓ She thrives and highly values being around strong and supportive women
✓ She is a giver, i.e. genuinely interested in helping others
✓ She is able to set boundaries, i.e. doesn’t run risk of “giving too much” in a Dreamers // Doers setting
✓ She has something to contribute, i.e. will strongly enhance the community by joining
✓ She understands that Dreamers // Doers "benefits" are community-driven, very much depend on what *she* puts in
✓ She is a strong communicator, i.e. versed in social cues, formulating clear and thoughtful asks / offers, expressing gratitude, and more
✓ She is at a stage in life in which she can greatly benefit from and appreciate Dreamers // Doers, i.e. starting or scaling a company/venture, working at a startup, or alike, she is an investor/journalist/engineer/designer, or other type of trailblazing, awe-inspiring, creator/change-maker/boundary-pusher
✓ There is no conflict of interest, i.e. she is not intending to join purely to market products/services to fellow members
✓ You understand that referring someone for membership does not guarantee acceptance (she will still need to fill out an application form)
✓ You strongly believe the person you are referring will yield a highly positive ROI from joining


Please only refer individuals that check ALL the boxes above.

==> D//D Membership is priced at $85 per month (if paid quarterly) or roughly $70 per month (if paid annually).



How do I refer?
By submitting names & email addresses via the form above. #bam, that simple.


What happens next? 
They'll receive a full invitation and membership lowdown from us and we'll mention that you referred them.


When can I refer?
You can refer any time in the year. We send out invitations on a quarterly basis.

What happens if I refer someone after the referral deadline?

Any referrals received after the referral deadline will still count, just toward the next (i.e. not current) quarter.

What info can I pass on re: Dreamers // Doers to potential new members?
An in-depth overview of Dreamers // Does membership will be included in the email we send to potential new members. However, sharing your personal Dreamers // Doers experiences with a potential new member will be invaluable.

Any further questions? Shoot us a note: - we love hearing from you :)

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