"I've received more valuable advice in the first three weeks of joining Dreamers // Doers than in an entire year from all of my advisors combined."

- Former CEO/CMO of venture-backed company, angel investor, now founder of analytics company


"Dreamers // Doers is creating something extremely valuable. It is a combination of high-achieving women and magical warmth. Members of the community were one of the first supporters of my new company."

- Dina Kaplan
Founder of The Path (+previously raised $30m for blip.tv)
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"It’s an inspirational group of women. I feel like I am not fighting, chasing my dreams alone. I’ve made great connections and am learning invaluable lessons about starting and running a business."

- Jingjing Dong
Engineer at Refinery 29  
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"It's such a supportive community of women all uplifting each other and providing value via advice and introductions."

- Julia Wojnar
Founder of Unleash Your Presence  

"I have met so many impressive women through this group and am collaborating with three of them already. Dreamers // Doers is a source of support for me; it also helps give me a sense of infrastructure in a life that can be very unstructured."

Avery Roth
Startup Consultant

 "It’s a community of smart, experienced, and well-connected individuals who are so eager to help out. This has already directly led to several very tangible success stories for me, including finding a designer for my nonprofit's logo."

- Sunmin Kim
Consultant at The Economist  

"Dreamers // Doers helps me find opportunities and events I would not otherwise be exposed to. I have met amazing women through the group."

- Fernanda Dobal
Producer at Zearn   

"I’m so impressed with the high quality of members. The fact that everyone is working on something awesome, is incredibly intelligent, and is not just there to "network". I love how the conversations are sparked with questions like “what was your biggest struggle, win, and what are you working on/need help with?". This adds core value to the group and allows us to get to know each other in a meaningful way while providing extra motivation to take action together."

Navriti Sood
Digital Producer


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