Dreamers // Doers unites the most value-driven female founders, trailblazers and change-makers - so that we can do more, together.

Dreamers // Doers unites the most value-driven female founders, trailblazers and change-makers - so that we can do more, together.

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Where the magic happens. As a paid Member, you get access to three members-only / [Insider] groups. These groups are the core to your membership. We recommend bookmarking/adding this groups to your shortcuts and turning on notifications for all three groups. Deep dive into member groups.

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You also have access to *dreamy* non-member [lite] groups. They provide you with wider (albeit less curated) access. Specifically, you have access to: All Jobs & Housing posts should go in these groups. More info on groups can be found in respective group's pinned posts. All local events should go here:
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Transform your journey with D//D’s hand-curated, at least monthly updated compilation of hundreds of evergreen top offers, resources & opportunities from media/visibility/PR/speaking opportunities to fundraising resources, and so much more!

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Dreamers // Doers operates on an invite/referral-only basis.
We are honored to thoughtfully grow this community with the most impressive and value-driven women in your network. You can refer them any time in the year via the new member referral form. ***update header on the page.




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