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Dreamers // Doers is a High-Impact Community. 

Our community consists of a diverse group of entrepreneurial women. It’s a mix of female founders, women working at startups, and various other types of female creatives, creators and change-makers. What we all have in common is a burning desire to create and make a dent in this universe.  

Dreamers // Doers is a “secret weapon” in making dreams happen.
The community enables you to do more, together, by allowing you to efficiently and effectively leverage each other as a resource.

Mission: To increase the number of successful ventures launched by women.
Read about Dreamers // Doers backstory (hint: it started by accident out of a personal need).

Is Dreamers // Doers a Good Fit for You?

For Dreamers // Doers to work, it takes a certain woman with a strong burning desire to elevate other women just as much as herself. For this reason, we curate for personality and potential over purely pedigree. Make 100% sure you are a cultural fit.


  • You want to join Dreamers // Doers because you get energized by being around other strong women. You believe in supporting each other. You're a giver (aka winner).

  • (i.e. your main reason to join is not because you want to purely promote your services, or otherwise are solely focused on extracting value.)

Guiding Principles/Culture. 

  • Positivity, encouragement!* We believe in cheerleading for each other, and doing our best to contribute to the warm supportive environment.

  • Solution-focused. We believe in being the change.

  • Realness. Our journeys are littered with highs and lows. Dreamers // Doers is the place to celebrate/share both.

  • Giving first: With the right environment/infrastructure, we believe everyone ends up “getting” more than they gave, this requires “genuine” giving, and being comfortable setting boundaries.

Important: Dreamers // Doers Guidelines

We have guidelines in place to maximize impact and relevancy for you.

For this to work we need following from you:

  • You seeing value in guidelines.

  • You doing your best to adhere to guidelines.

  • You agreeing to make yourself familiar w guidelines.

#1 "Nature of Posts" Guidelines:

Are mainly centered around “intention” and thoughtfulness / emphasizing adding value to the community.

We cannot emphasize enough:
==> If you are a strong cultural fit - these will come naturally to you! <==

Posting Guidelines.

  • Easy rule of thumb: Ask yourself about your intention before posting. ==> Is it positive? Thoughtful?

  • Exchange resources, war stories, ask questions, encourage one another and celebrate successes.

  • How to contribute:

    • Aim at adding value with each post (includes providing as much context as possible / being thoughtful with questions) - and targeting a HIGH giving vs. asking for help ratio, this is the ONLY way Dreamers // Doers can work -- as most asks result in multiple individuals providing help --> a high ratio helps us maintain this.

This way everyone asks less than they give, but receives much more than they gave, this is how.

  • Tips for being thoughtful:

    • Sharing opportunities / offering support to wider community, being very clear with asks (include as much context as possible), expressing gratitude / be courteous with asks, including an offer in your ask -- avoiding cross-posting (i.e. posting in multiple DD groups w/o good reasoning - can appear spammy / promotional / opportunistic, lowers quality if everyone does so), avoiding posting plain links w/o any added commentary

  • We strongly monitor: "pure" promos of yourself/business etc. which includes direct solicitation.

    • Why: Because it sadly takes away from the group and isn't long-term sustainable (communities of "takers" don't last very long)

  • We also ask that you not share posts with anyone outside of the community (unless you've gotten written consent from the involved parties), given sensitivity around many topics; Dreamers // Doers operates out of a place of trust - anyone found to breach this will be removed from the community

    • That being said, while we strongly enforce this guideline, we cannot guarantee that everyone will follows it - bear this in mind as you post

We help who we know, like, and trust.

For Dreamers // Doers to work for YOU - you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to genuinely contribute to the wider community. If you do, and even if this wasn't the intention, we promise it will pay off multi-fold.

That being said: We also very much(!) believe in the importance of setting boundaries.


And of course: Don't forget to have fun with it! 

==> Enjoy the journey with Dreamers // Doers...and make life-long friends.

#2 "Group Structure" Guidelines:

Currently, we utilize existing technology (Facebook groups) to facilitate Dreamers // Doers.  

To maintain high impact / relevancy - we have different groups in place for different purposes - and expect members to make themselves familiar with / adhere to structure below.

Note: Accidentally misplaced posts - we aim at copy/pasting, sharing them with you, before removing them.
+ Repeat occurrences may indicate to us lack of desire to adhere to guidelines.


Dreamers // Doers "Members" [INSIDERS]

You will have access to 3 Dreamers // Doers Members-only [INSIDERS] groups to you! 

This is where the magic happens:

==> Dreamers // Doers: Offers [MEMBERS] - sharing of #offers #opportunities #resources #gives
==> Dreamers // Doers: Asks [MEMBERS] - sharing of #asks
==> Dreamers // Doers: Life & More [MEMBERS] - sharing of #brags #gratitude #introductions

You'll receive detailed posting guidelines with your member welcome email  🎉🎉🎉


Important Note: All jobs/gigs/housing/events/regional-related posts ==> go into "LITE" groups (i.e. groups you don't need to be a member for) below ==> this maximizes exposure for everyone involved!

See below on where to post everything: #jobs, #gigs, #events, #housing #regional


Dreamers // Doers "LITE"

Note - that you do NOT need to be a "member" to access these - but everyone needs to positively contribute / adhere to guidelines to be able to use and remain in these groups. 

Extended community groups

<< Jobs + Gigs >> For sharing of all jobs/gigs related posts (if you're looking to hire, or get hired). Header format.<<  Housing >> For sharing of all housing-related posts. Take note of header format. Header format.

Regional groups

Events: New York // San Francisco // Los Angeles // Philadelphia // London 
Washington, D.C. // Boston // Miami  // Austin // Seattle // Berlin 

==> Please only post in ONE group, i.e. no cross-posting (over time this dilutes impact of individual posts)

"Where To Post What"

Where to Post What

Member Groups:

"LITE" Groups



Why is there a focus on positivity?

We believe, and have learned: an emphasis on a positive environment provides a powerful basis to facilitate the high impact we aim to achieve in members lives.

Dreamers // Doers brings together women, that pre-dominantly were strangers to each other before joining Dreamers // Doers. Our aim is to create an environment that facilitates mutual support even without pre-existing relationships. Furthermore, Dreamers // Doers mainly takes place online, in written format - which makes it even more important to create an environment that limits the chances of conversations being misinterpreted. 

While we emphasize positivity and encouragement, we equally emphasize genuine, constructive input and feedback, highlighted by our emphasis on "realness".


What is considered a ""thoughtful" post?

  • We suggest: sharing opportunities / offering support to wider community, being very clear with asks (include as much context as possible), expressing gratitude / being courteous with asks, considering to include an offer in your ask

  • Things to avoid: cross-posting (i.e. posting in multiple DD groups w/o good reasoning - can appear spammy / promotional / opportunistic, lowers quality if everyone does so) -- also: avoiding posting plain links w/o any added commentary (to maximize impact, best to provide context, who it might be most relevant to, and potentially your top learning lessons) + sounding too salesy: the community's purpose is to bring together trailblazing women to support each other, sounding too salesy may sound disingenuous. The best way to advance yourself / your business is to genuinely integrate yourself into the community, support others.

Specific examples:

  • Adding context / make it personal / showing that you care

    • I.e. if you've never / rarely posted before and want to share details on a crowd-funding campaign, a competition you're partaking in etc. ==> take the time to introduce yourself, provide details on your product - perhaps share a learning lesson / personal story / or how you can be of help to the community ==> plus, you'll yield MUCH better results this way --- we help who we know, like, and trust --- this is no different!


  • The main aim of guidelines is to maximize impact and adhere to the Dreamers // Doers mission.

  • Guidelines may be updated at any time.

  • We reserve the right to remove individuals at-will from the group if it appears that they aren’t adhering to guidelines (incl. mismatch of cultural fit).

    • If you believe we’ve made a mistake, we highly encourage you to reach out and let us know! We will always welcome thoughtful inquiries with friendly open ears.

  • Direct solicitation will be viewed as breach of guidelines.

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