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Media & Visibilty 👑

Opportunities to expand your reach, build your brand, and share your knowledge with the world

Become a contributor:

  • Thrive Global Contributor - submit your stories/thoughts about anything that *truly* matters to you

  • Write for Women@Forbes - submit a formal pitch to be considered as a regular Forbes contributor!

  • Insight Venture Partners - write for this legendary VC’s blog and/or lead an event or a webinar 

  • Give and Take - become a guest blogger for an audience of decision-makers (director level, VP, C-level)

  • BossBabe - write about your experience in entrepreneurship/biz on this millennial platform w extensive reach

  • Grit Daily - get featured on this site with an interesting story / angle about your company

Get featured on tv / via video:

  • Cheddar TV - working on an product or service that transforms lives? Pitch your story today! #directaccess

  • brightTALK Webinar - host a webinar on this leadership platform about solving work-related challenges

  • AlphaOmega - share your wisdom about life's most pressing questions candidly on camera 

  • Women Who Badass - share your female empowerment success story via video on this platform

Get featured via an interview:

  • Ideamensch - high SEO ranking interview + craft your own answers & have full control over content

  • Select 7 - share your work as a tastemaker & get SEVEN posts all about *you* 

  • Alleywatch - share how you are changing industry standards as a woman in tech

  • The Upside - share your content with this agency platform, focused on supporting/growing independent consulting

  • Just Go Grind Blog - share your entrepreneur/business journey on this career blog

  • Upsell - share a compelling story about your e-commerce biz & get featured in this publication

Get featured on a podcast:

  • DNX - a global organization supporting digital nomads and people living unconventional, impact-driven lives

  • Mind of a Mentor - Like a Boss Girls’ podcast which features trailblazing women & their incredible stories

  • Loose Thread - one of Fast Company's 10 Best Business Podcasts, on the new consumer economy

  • Martinis and Your Money - a personal finance podcast that seeks to make personal finance fun

  • Seeing Pink - a podcast about using the feminine (intuition, community, feminine qualities) in business

  • Startup Tuesday - a laid-back, fun podcast packed with stories, advice and info for founders

  • Supergivers - a platform for ordinary people creating extraordinary contributions that inspire hope and action

  • The GeekGirlWeb Show - a tech podcast about empowerment through entrepreneurship, creativity & passion

  • The Only - a storytelling podcast sharing the triumphs & struggles of trailblazing women 

  • Selfmade Stories - a podcast devoted to the art and science of building a thriving e-commerce business

  • Podcast Guests - sign up for this weekly email & get a list of podcasts looking for guests

  • Bonus: Learn how to fuel your business through podcasting - w Ali Shapiro of Truce with Food

Get featured in-person:

  • Speakizi - lead a #paid corporate talk or workshop on a diverse range of topics via this invite-only platform

  • Techfest Club - speak on a variety of topics from career development to entrepreneurship

  • “Women of Compass” Event - speak on topics that matter to women & get exposure for your biz

  • Six Degrees Society - speak on topics you are an expert at + that have a strong learning component

Get featured via social media & beyond:

Supercharge your speaking skills:

Distribution of your content via D//D:

Fundraising & Investing 💰

Dreamy resources to help get your biggest dream off the ground

Finding investors:

  • VC Seach Databases - find the right investors for your industry, investment round, location, etc.

  • VCs Under $200m - spreadsheet tracking announcements / raises of VCs by date & location

  • Unbound Investor Doc - a GOLDMINE mapping out investors, angel groups, accelerators & more

  • Micro VC List - a compilation of 600+ under-the-radar micro VCs to supercharge your fundraising journey

  • New York VC Finder - a spreadsheet tool to help founders in NYC with fundraising

  • Diverse Investor Doc - a growing list of of VCs and Angel Investor groups across the US with a diverse team

  • Founder Connect - fill out this form to find out about relevant investors & get introductions

Specific investors:

  • HearstLab Community - provides startups with seed investment, office space + an abundance of resources

  • HOF Capital Fund - receive 1x1 input from this investor about your health / fin tech company & beyond

  • Gray Matters Capital - apply for up to $100k from this impact investing firm to pilot your business

  • JMK Consumer Growth Partners - receive funding for your women-led business from this investment company

  • Toms Social Entrepreneurship Fund - receive an equity investment for your mission-driven company

  • Harlem Capital Partners -  receive funding for your female & minority founded company

  • Indie.VC - check out this new funding platform for your revenue-generating company

  • Jane VC - receive funding for your early-stage female-founded companies from this new venture fund

Additional sources of funding:

Fundraising process:


Events Spaces & Co-Working

Amazing locations to try out new co-working spaces & host your next event

Event spaces:

  • Event Space in Brooklyn - host events on either Monday or Wednesday nights (FOR FREE) at the Shanty bar

  • Spacious - free event spaces via various Spacious NYC locations for a diverse range of event

  • Primary - host your next event for free at one of these two dreamy NYC event locations

  • Event Space in NYC - utilize this free conference room for your next event up to 100 attendees

  • Event/Studio Space in NYC - host your non-revenue event weekdays at xixi - a distinctly feminine oasis

  • NYC Event Venues Google Doc - a shared list of event spaces with contacts & additional notes

Event sponsorship:

Work / meeting space:


Supercharge via Office Hours Recordings. 🌱

Dreamy video recordings - advice, tips, and feedback from fellow members & friends

Supercharge your Company / Career 🚀

Tech / product advice & resources:

  • Tech Advice - receive insights on software engineering & all things technical

  • Pivotal Labs - grab this 1-hour #complimentary product feedback session on your app/product/website (+lunch)

  • Startup & Tech Advice - get your product demo reviewed and/or learn how to break into the tech world

Business operations:

Mentorship / Education:

General entrepreneur tools:

  • Startup Tools - a comprehensive list filled w tools & resources for startups and tech

  • Indie Hackers - learn strategies from other business founders w this aggregated resource

  • Dreamy Resource List - take a deep dive into this curated list of podcasts, articles, books & MORE

Getting a job / hiring:

Branding, design & more:

Consulting / coaching:

Social media:

Tactical advice:

Offline game-changers:

Supercharge your Personal Life 🔥

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