Dreamy Humans brings together trailblazing women.


Dreamy Humans is an association that

  • promotes the public awareness of women entrepreneurs
  • promotes the goods and services of our association members through our website
  • organizes and plans special events & exhibitions for commercial purposes
  • markets and promotes the goods and services of our association members, affiliates, and sponsors

What we all have in common is a burning desire to create and make a dent in this universe. 
We share the belief that so much more is possible if we join forces on our journeys.

What is Dreamy Humans?

A curated community of trailblazing women who dream big and do even bigger.


Why does it exist?

We've learned that surrounding ourselves with other movers and shakers, utilizing each other as a resource, inspiring and cheerleading for each other - makes all the difference when we reach for the stars.

"This group is a true power house of ladies. This is where you come to make awesome things happen. Especially if you are an ambitious female entrepreneur."
Patrycja Slawuta
Psychologist, PhD(c), Founder of Self Hackathons   

"I most value the enthusiastic and non-judgmental support of everyone's endeavors. In terms of tangible results, I was just mentioned in Bustle on what female CEOs do in the morning thanks to Dreamy Humans."
Carrie Mantha
Founder of Indira Collection  
Dreamers Brunch 17.jpg

What are some of Dreamy Humans' guiding principles? 


Solution-focused. We believe in being the change. 

Energy flows where attention goes: Talking about big ideas is much more exciting to us than small talk or gossip.

Positivity, encouragement! We’re big fans of cheerleading and loving the journey. 

Realness. We value authentic connecting vs. networking.

We focus on: Doing. And holding each other accountable.

Dream BIG. You can only achieve what you think is possible. 


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We believe in thriving together.

"Dreamy Humans has changed my life. I'm in a lot of women's networking groups but there is something very different about this one. People are real, talk about challenges and vulnerabilities, they are supportive and results-oriented doers."
Alisha Golden
Founder of Do Something Epic Agency

Alice Hage.jpg
"I am in LOVE, yes you read that correctly, in love! I fell in love with some badass & amazing women who not only have the courage to pursue their dreams and passions - but who also openly and eagerly provide support and encouragement!"
Alice Hage
Marketing Strategist


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