Wherever you are in your journey, we want to help you hit the ground running. 

Whether you are looking for a co-working buddy or a new investor, we hope the following
*selection* of resources & opportunities will help you every step of the way.  


💰 Fundraising & Investing 💰

Dreamy resources to help get your biggest dream off the ground

    ✨ Media & Visibility ✨

    Opportunities to expand your reach, build your brand, and share your knowledge with the world

    🎙Visibility via Podcasts 🎙

    Share your experiences and expertise via these dreamy podcasts

    • DNX - a global organization supporting digital nomads and people living unconventional, impact-driven lives

    • LOOSE THREADS - one of Fast Company's 10 Best Business Podcasts, on the new consumer economy

    • MARTINIS AND YOUR MONEY - a personal finance podcast that seeks to make personal finance fun

    • STARTUP TUESDAY - a laid-back, fun podcast packed with stories, advice and info for founders

    • SUPERGIVERS - a platform for ordinary people creating extraordinary contributions that inspire hope and action

    • THE GEEKGIRLWEBSHOW - a tech podcast about empowerment through entrepreneurship, creativity & passion

    • THE ONLY - a storytelling podcast sharing the triumphs & struggles of trailblazing women 

    💻 Co-Working & Event Spaces 💻

    Amazing locations to try out new co-working spaces & host your next event

    🎥 Office Hours Video Recordings 🎥

    Dreamy video recordings - advice, tips, and feedback from fellow members & friends

    🦄 Very Dreamy Human Offerings 🦄

    Connect & learn directly from fellow members #gamechanging #bettertogether



    We can't encourage "offering yourself" more highly - it's an *incredible* way to connect with fellow members and to exchange knowledge on topics that excite you! But it's also important to give YOUR way, in a way that FUELS you & to set boundaries as you do so. To get more ideas on how to offer yourself, check out this post



    It's *extremely* important to value the time of fellow members, esp when you are taking them up on an offer (i.e. try your very best to avoid re-scheduling etc. & if needed be very proactive about it). We also can't emphasize enough the magic✨ that ensues when expressing gratitude & appreciation to a fellow dreamy human - we promise it won't go unnoticed, and is instrumental in making D//D the very special & impactful place it is. 

    THANK YOU for playing your part in making all of this possible!  #GRATEFUL

    💜 Even More Dreamy Resources 💜

    A few more fun, informative, life-changing resources...to fuel your journey!


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      Above is just a *small* selection of resources & opportunities found within D//D.

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      AND FINALLY a few MORE extra & dreamy resources to send you off on your magical ways :)

      ♡ These Offers & Resources are crowdsourced through YOU ♡

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