To maintain + further enhance Dreamers // Doers’ magic, for everyone
involved, we very carefully and thoughtfully curate every new member.

As an existing member, you can refer new members


➪ Who should you refer?

A trailblazing woman who:

==> Will find immense value in a community like Dreamers // Doers 🌱

==> Will *enrich* the community in magical ways, by joining ✨

==> Views it as a blessing (not burden), if given the opportunity to join + financially contribute 💝


***Additional referral criteria / bullets below***
***There is no upper limit re: # of amazing(!) women you can refer***
(but note: anyone you refer, will still need to submit a formal / full application)


➪ When should you refer?

*** You can refer members ANYTIME in the year. ***
(1) Once they fill out the referral form = this confirms their interest + they will be in our system; 
==> (2) This ensures they will receive an invitation to apply, once Membership re-opens again 🎉🎉🎉
[Membership re-opens once a quarter, during following months: April, July, November, January] ✨
[Potential new members will receive an official / full application to apply, in the month that Membership re-opens]

Know someone ahhhmazing?

Referring someone is simple! 

(1) Send them this link + password: referral

(2) Ask them to submit info via form + add you(!) as their referrer

(3) They will receive full membership lowdown + invitation to apply
This will happen roughly 2-3 weeks before the next admissions date


Thank you for making this and so much more possible!

+++ Very important: Minimum referral criteria / bullets (in addition to being an amazing human) +++

Before you refer - check if these things apply to the person you are referring:

✓ She thrives and highly values being around strong and supportive women
✓ She is a giver, i.e. genuinely interested in helping others
✓ She is able to set boundaries, i.e. doesn’t run risk of “giving too much” in a Dreamers // Doers setting
✓ She has something to contribute, i.e. will strongly enhance the community by joining
✓ She understands that Dreamers // Doers "benefits" are community-driven, very much depend on what *she* puts in
✓ She is a strong communicator, i.e. versed in social cues, formulating clear and thoughtful asks / offers, expressing gratitude, and more
✓ She is at a stage in life in which she can greatly benefit from and appreciate Dreamers // Doers, i.e. starting or scaling a company/venture, working at a startup, or alike, she is an investor/journalist/engineer/designer, or other type of trailblazing, awe-inspiring, creator/change-maker/boundary-pusher
✓ There is no conflict of interest, i.e. you don't foresee her joining because she intends to market products/services to fellow members
✓ You understand that referring someone for membership does not guarantee acceptance (she will still need to fill out an application form)
+++ Dreamers // Doers Membership for new members is priced at $65 per month (paid quarterly or annually) +++
✓ You strongly believe the person you are referring will yield a highly positive ROI from joining

Please only refer individuals that check ALL the boxes.


How can someone benefit from Dreamers // Doers, if they are not a fit for Membership?

The Membership aspect of Dreamers // Doers, refers to the highly-vetted, members-only Dreamers // Doers'
communities. It's the highest-touch, and for the right person, highest-impact, aspect of Dreamers // Doers. It revolves around the "secret" Dreamers // Doers (Members) Offers, Asks, Life & More groups.

However, there are multiple ways to benefit from Dreamers // Doers, beyond Membership: 
Any trailblazing woman (who sticks to guidelines) can join the Dreamers // Doers Jobs & GigsDreamers // Doers Housing, and regional groups, all of which have proven life-changing for countless individuals already. 
(These aspects of Dreamers // Doers are made possible through Membership.)

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