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==> Dreamers // Doers unites givers, so we can all do more, together.  

💕 You're here (YIPPEE!), which means 3 things: 💕

(1) Access to the three Dreamers // Doers Members-Only Groups

==> Dreamers // Doers: Offers <==

==> Dreamers // Doers: Asks <==

==> Dreamers // Doers: Life & More <==


+ Access to Regional Groups and Subgroups

These groups are open to Members and non- members alike and they will *supercharge* your Dreamers // Doers experience—including Dreamers // Doers: Jobs + Gigs ,  Dreamers // Doers: Housing , and many more.

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2) Access to your Dreamers //  Doers Best Of Weekly E-mail

Every Friday, you will receive the Dreamers // Doers Weekly to keep you in the know of top resources for *making* dreams as well as happenings within (and outside) Dreamers // Doers. Many of these resources are crowdsourced which means if you contribute amazing posts, you will be included in the newsletter often. 


3) Access to Dreamers //  Doers Member Directory

We can't wait to add you to the Dreamers // Doers Member Directory!
The Directory provides you with an easy way to look up, get familiar with your fellow members.
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Want to refer someone awesome?

 To keep the magic of D // D alive, we thoughtfully curate potential new members
to ensure that they are the right fit for the community.
==> Read more about referrals here + click here to learn how to cancel.


Important Groups + Posting Info

(1) Please only post in ONE group, i.e. no cross-posting
==> Over time this dilutes impact of your individual posts

(2) All jobs/gigs/housing/events(!), do NOT go into Members groups = you have dedicated groups for this
==> This maximizes exposure for everyone involved! :)

(3) There is a strict "no promotions" rule; i.e. no leveraging of Dreamers // Doers as marketing channel
==> This maintains Dreamers // Doers authenticity + high-impact for you

(4) Be thoughtful + maintain a *high* giving vs. asking ratio

(5) Be extra extra thoughtful with what you post in the D//D Offers group
==> It's the "highest integrity" group

(6) Use hashtags in header of your posts to make navigation extra easy for everyone involved

💕 All in place ==> to maximize impact for everyone involved 💕


 Members-Only Groups

Dreamers // Doers: Offers 


==> This the place for you to share genuine, thoughtful offers/resources/opportunities
==> Posted with intention to BENEFIT OTHERS

 ✨ Be most thoughtful about your posts in this group = it helps maintain overall D//D integrity ✨


Personal offer = e.g. offering 20mins 1x1 online office hours on a topic you're an expert in
Access to resources = e.g. offering offering access to a space/venue
Sharing of opportunities = e.g. sharing info an an awesome grant
Offering exposure = e.g. passing on a press opp
Other examples: Speaking opps, free tix to a conference, direct access to an amazing book agent...
🌱 The sky is the limit 🌱

==> DOESN'T FIT + WHY <==

[Anything that might change nature of group + may take away from "true" Offers]
% off posts for products/services etc: you can list this here #wahoo
Posts that are part Ask, part Offer: should be posted in D//D Asks 
Jobs/gigs/housing: there are dedicated groups for this #yay
Recommendations for hiring friends: fits perfectly in Jobs/Gigs group
Event listings (i.e. not related to speaking opps etc.): go in local groups
Posts to webinars/content you've created: post them as #brags in D//D Life & More
(bonus = that way we get to celebrate w you!!)
If something doesn't quite feel "right" for the Offers it most likely is a better fit for one of the other groups.
In doubt = ALWAYS feel comfortable asking us (we LOVE😍 hearing from you):

+++ Check out this list of #ongoingoffers! +++


Dreamers // Doers: Asks 


==> Here is where you can help others + post thoughtful questions of your own. 
[Important: Maintain a *high* giving vs. asking ratio...and have FUN with it :)]


D//D is a giving first community that connects givers, and allows them to do more, together.

Everyone has different strengths/enjoys giving in different ways we leave it to you to decide how
you can have the biggest impact! Be equally comfortable setting boundaries(!) as needed.

Check the “Asks” group regularly (i.e. it might be multiple times a day, or an hour or
two every other day - whatever works best for your schedule!)

Be encouraging and awesome (i.e. your natural self!) - you never know when you’ll make someone’s day / life ♥

==> ASK AWAY <==

No question is taboo 
BUT(!) the more thoughtful the better. Here are some PRO tips:

We help who we "know, like, and trust" - we highly recommend contributing to
the Life & More, and Offers group before posting your first Ask.

Provide as much context/relevant info as possible re: your asks, while being clear.

Do as much legwork as possible before posting (also determine if this group is best fit for your question)
BEST questions for Dreamers // Doers: seeking advice + crowd-sourcing opinions.

Be courteous, grateful, awesome, respectful, all that good stuff :)



Dreamers // Doers: Life & More 


==> Our journeys are littered with highs and lows - this group is the place to celebrate / share both. 

We created this group because we find that especially as it pertains to entrepreneurship, the lines between "professional" and "personal" get blurred. We believe it makes the community stronger by having opportunities to talk about all parts of the journey.


Our journeys are littered with highs and lows. Dreamers // Doers is the place to celebrate / share both.

==> BEING YOU <==

We ask every member to introduce themselves - bc we want to learn more about you!
Plus: “We help who we know, like, and trust.” :)

We don’t nearly celebrate our wins enough, we make a point to celebrate more, together!

Talk about when life gets real, so we realize we’re anything but alone...AND we can find solutions, together.
Share inspiration and express gratitude!
==> In short, to be ourselves.

We keep this group’s description *open* on purpose.

We have a theory...that if we bring together trailblazing women eager
to support each other, great things (beyond our imagination) will happen.

Non-Members Groups

==> LITE because you do *not* have to be a member to join <==


<< Jobs + Gigs >> 

For sharing of ALL jobs/gigs related posts. (+header format requirement)

<<  Housing >> 

For sharing of ALL housing-related posts. (+header format requirement)


New York // San Francisco // Los Angeles // Boston
Miami // Washington, D.C. // London // Berlin
Philadelphia // Austin // Seattle

+++ As always if you have ANY questions, never ever hesitate to reach out! +++

Where to post what snapshot for more details

Last but not least!
 If you ever want to cancel your Membership:
❤️ THIS IS HOW! ❤️

Dreamers // Doers is all about FIT: 

==> That’s why it’s extra important to us to have a super clear + easy cancellation process. 

If Membership is no longer a fit for you, for ANY reason: 
==> You can cancel ANY time via submitting this form
==> Super easy + NO questions asked!
+++ You’ll continue to have access to non-member D//D offerings (made possible via paid membership)

BUT(!), keep in mind, if you want to re-join: 
==> You will need to re-apply + a re-initiation fee applies + different membership rates may apply (more deets)
Aka we currently do *not* offer the option of putting membership "on hold”:
Allowing members to stop in, visit, leave, and rejoin anytime they want to, see fit, runs risk of jeopardizing cohesiveness, degree of commitment, and trust right now found in D//D = i.e. core/magic that makes D//D the place it is. 

As always, if you have ANY questions/feedback, email us *anytime* = we love hearing from you!


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